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26 December
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I'm Kristina. I'm not quite the girl who started this journal but I am.

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babies, baton bitch, being a fake, christmas cards year round, chuchills pub, colorfast studios, dcf sucks badly, downtown fort lauderdale, drinking swearing making love, ft laud beeaach, hotties like tim armstrong, i hate sneakers, i love sandals, jojos place, kyle fingercuffs, las olass, licking the floor, live freaky die freaky, loving people like me, loving people like prandi, marching band, mouse potatoe, moving around randomly, my sprinkles, original fat cats, pooping, ps 14, punxxx, reefer madness!!, rife whore, sabre slut, saturday nights passed out, shows, sitting on the cieling, sleeping in the shed, spot light stealer, swearing up and down, swimming at the marriot, teh crackhouse, the crack house series, the tavern, x-rocky goer

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